Convert from Grass to Rock

It’s challenging to have a beautiful lawn in the desert. Unless you have kids playing in the grass or dogs pooping in it (hopefully not both at the same time), your grass probably isn’t really necessary.

The Bermuda grass that grows in the summer in Arizona requires a LOT of sun to thrive. If part of the lawn in shaded – by the house or by trees – the Bermuda will struggle. It will start to get patchy, then eventually you will have dirt or weeds, not a lawn.

The solutions are simple. Either remove the shade (by cutting down the trees) or remove the grass. We would be happy to help with either option.

Converting from grass to rock requires a lot more than just throwing a few tons of rock. We’ve done dozens and dozens so you can be confident that we will do it right.

We will help you decide what plants will work best in the area, and depending on the size and location, we will guide you on possibly adding contours, boulders, and maybe even a nice river run.